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This was actually a pretty big Disney deal - Lady was one of the first female Disney characters to have conceivably had sex when she had her wild night out with Tramp.  When she returned home, Jock and Trusty immediately offered to marry her so her reputation wouldn’t be sullied by her outing.
You go, Lady. Get your freak on :)

Reason number 5592939728184838 why Lady and the Tramp is one of my all time favorites.

I always wondered why they randomly offered to marry her lol guess it wasn’t so random! 

*good boy


Here Be Monsters

I noticed this wonderful Icelandic project of illustrated type inspired by medieval maps featuring fantastical sea creatures. 

Design by Reykjavík based Stella Björg, these decorated capitals remind me of the Victorian illustrations I’ve written about recently. I love that several of the creatures appear to be based on specific Icelandic mythical beasts, as named at the bottom of the print. I also really like the print colours and flecked paper that gives the final work its antique look.

My “Here Be Monsters” illustrated letters started from the simple idea of writing “MONSTER” but having finished it just didn’t seem like there was much left to complete the alphabet. I was in no hurry to complete it, so very slowly monstrous letters got added and finally there appeared a complete alphabet. - Stella Björg

(Source:, via conejosubversivo)


Trap her hands as you give her a treat before you go out tonight.

yes please


damn guy, get right in there